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Working Together.

What’s going on here? (FAQ’s)

What is this?

Remote Does Work is a place where people come together to get work done in the presence of others.

We work together in virtual co-working sessions where we can connect, stay accountable, and focus on productivity.

How does it work?

Sign up for email alerts of the RDW schedule. You’ll be sent a weekly schedule of the upcoming co-working and networking sessions. Register for the ones that fit into your schedule and show up with something to do!

We’ll connect via, chat for a few minutes while everyone shows up. Then all mics will be muted and a timer will start. We’ll work in two intervals of 40 minutes of with a short break in between. The full session lasts about 90 minutes.

How do the Networking Sessions work?

We’ll hop on at the appointed time and get to know our fellow co-workers.

You’ll be randomly assigned to breakout rooms where you can introduce yourself to 2-3 other people and chat about a provided icebreaker question or whatever else comes up. After 5 minutes you’ll return to the main room and then break back out into another small group.

I didn't expect remote co-working!

Nobody expects remote co-working!

RemoteDoesWork brings remote workers around the world together with one goal: Productivity.

And Community!

Make that two goals: Productivity and Community.

Oh! Unwavering Focus.

Productivity, Community, Unwavering Focus and…

Amongst our goals are things such as Productivity, Community, Unwavering Focus and an almost fanatical devotion to our Autonomy! 

What does it cost?

Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Well, it’d be great if you shared it with a co-worker or friend.

So what's the catch?
No catch. This is all about building community and keeping those of us who work from home connected and productive. Plus, this is run by a guy who has lifetime procrastination issues.
When is the next one?

Sign up for the newsletter and you’ll receive a welcome email with the current week’s schedule.

You’ll also be emailed when the next week’s schedule is ready to go.

Occasionally, you’ll also get emails with interesting resources that are curated for the remote worker, but the remote worker.

How do I get the most out of a session?

It’s best to come prepared with something specific you’d like to work on. It can be as simple as organizing your office.

We’ll share what we’re working on at the start of the call and we’ll ask you how it went.

Will you schedule one that better fits working hours in my timezone?

Someday, yes. Well, probably.

Right now I’m GMT -6, so I do my best to schedule sessions when I’m awake and available. Eventually, I’d like to add a few hosts in other timezones so we can accommodate more workers across the world.

What is co-working?

Co-working is working on your own independent project in the company of other people working on their own.

Co-working is not collaborating. Co-working is not networking. Co-working is NOT lead generation.

Co-working is surprisingly effective.

Join Us!

Ready to get over the loneliness that comes with remote work and be more productive than you have in years?


All you have to do is show up and bring something to work on.

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